A letter to my son on this third birthday 

First off he can’t truly be three! Nope I refuse to accept it. Okay okay I’ll accept it. But not happily. If you’d like to read the letter I wrote for his First and Second birthdays you can click those links.
My sweet honey monkey,

Well another year has come and gone and today you are three. Sometimes I catch myself wishing you older because this age can be challenging. And then sometimes I find myself wishing I could just make it stop. Wishing for one day I could freeze time and do whatever you wanted all day with you. To not have anything else to do but enjoy you.

Since the moment of your birth I have been in awe of you, and a bit exhausted by you. You are in a constant state of movement. You are bubbling over with joy. You are piss and vinegar and just a wild heart. Every day I see these little traits become pillars of your personality. 
At three you are almost potty trained. You are utterly obsessed with Thomas the train. All trains. Truly it’s trains trains trains here.

You love movies and have fallen in love with adventure time and old batman cartoons. You still love flapjack. And he finally seems fond of you. Daddy coming home still fills you with delight and you finally are pretty great about sleeping. You love coloring and books. Going for walks and you have made some friends. 

And you continue to amaze me. You are so smart. You understand so much and people CONSTANLY ask us if you’re older because you are a giant and you speak so much and so well. Talking a lot with be both a blessing and curse and I hope it doesn’t make you feel bad when people tell you that you talk too much. I love your chatter. Your stories. How passionately you share them.

You love your family so much and got to spend a bunch of time with them this year. It’s been awesome. 

I never know what to write you. I can’t express the blessing you are. That even when I’m mad at you I want to tell myself to let it go and just hold you. You have taught me much more than I expected to learn. My love for you is nothing short of gigantic, monsterous, humongous! I did not know how much you would change my world.

Sweet GB never stop being silly. Never stop telling people how much you love them, how funny you think they are and giving them hugs when they are sad. Never stop your quest for knowledge. Your hunger for adventure. Never stop being fun or your wild and silly self. 

Thank you for being mine. For loving me each day and cutting me lots of slack when I’m not the best mum. No matter how badly I feel I did that day you always hug me tight and tell me you love me. Your love is proof of my greatest accomplishment. You. 

You are my world. That will never change.

Happy Birthday my sweet boy 



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Wife, mother, snarky food lover! I'm Tannith and welcome to my blog. I'm a happily married lady with one lovely son and two awesome step kids. I enjoy Harry Potter (that's putting it lightly) reading, writing, cooking, laughing and my friends and family. I live in Texas but grew up in Colorado.
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