Our trip to Sea Life Aquarium 

GB is getting older and it’s becoming not a complete nightmare to take him to do some activities. And he is generally well behaved when they are things that are geared to him. So with the grand parents in town we decided to head on over to Grapevine and check out Sea Life Aquarium

It wasn’t quite what any of us were expecting. It’s tucked into the Grapevine mills mall, which is huge. So if you want to go shopping, see a movie or eat before your aquarium trip it’s a one stop shop. Lego Land Discovery Center is also right there and we are planning a trip there very soon because it looks AWESOME. 

We arrived and bought our tickets quickly but you can purchase them online with a decent discount. They give you a neat little book that you can stamp at the 9 stations you encounter along the way. I was simply floored by how big this place is. I mean it’s in a shopping mall and it’s two stories and goes on and on.

GB had a blast and Tony wanted to sit there forever and enjoy the serenity of the water and fish. They had lots of benches along the way for my inlaws to rest on. We all thoroughly enjoyed it. I don’t think there was one thing that could have been better or been changed. The exhibits were exciting and it wasn’t too busy for a Saturday afternoon. 

I would highly recommend checking it out if you live close or are planning a trip this way. 


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