A letter to GB on his 5th Birthday

Well it’s time for my annual letter to my sweet honey monkey on his birthday. I just read back thru all the letters I have written him on past birthdays….so I am good and emotional now. Brace yourselves. If you would like to read those letters here is his firstsecondthird and fourth.

To my sweet Gb,

Happy Birthday baby boy! Although you are not a baby anymore and I promise I am working on accepting that. I wanted to sit down and write you this letter after having spent the day watching you being the wonderful little person you are. We had such an amazing time! We went to legoland and you were in your element. You talked to everyone, made them smile and delighted in life in the way only you can do. I am constantly in awe of you. So confident in who you are, so in love with the world and all the people on it. Every morning we walk to school and each day you greet and smile at every single person we meet. You have touched so many people in your short life and I know you will continue to be someone who reaches and loves people.

This has been a challenging year for you. So much change. We moved to vegas and you started preschool and then we pulled the rug out from under you. And it threw you. But here you are working on readjusting and getting into the swing of things to start kindergarten this fall. I am so proud of you. And I know we will keep tackling the hard stuff together because your belief in me has never wavered. You continue to come to me to fix all of life’s troubles and I am so glad that your faith in me and my abilities to be your mum and protector is just as strong as ever.

I know that I am not always perfect, and I still fall short time and time again. But I will never stop loving you, fighting for you and helping you grow. I can’t wait to see more of who you are becoming. Keep being your wildly silly self. You are still the best thing I have ever done.



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Wife, mother, snarky food lover! I'm Tannith and welcome to my blog. I'm a happily married lady with one lovely son and two awesome step kids. I enjoy Harry Potter (that's putting it lightly) reading, writing, cooking, laughing and my friends and family. I live in Texas but grew up in Colorado.
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5 Responses to A letter to GB on his 5th Birthday

  1. I enjoy your letters to Grayson. These missives will mean so much to Grayson throughout his life and become more precious every year that passes. I am proud of you for creating a lasting legacy for your family.

  2. Dave says:

    Reblogged this on Jordanfel's Blog.

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