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Another year some more goals

So I’m turning 29. Not particularly exciting as far as birthdays go but I love birthdays so I am excited as per usual. It’s been way too long since I blogged but it’s just been a busy time. And frankly … Continue reading

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Goals for 2016

Yeah I’m a bit late getting these up but it never hurts to share your goals and hold yourself accountable.  These are not all my goals but these are the goals I thought I’d like to share with everyone. Go … Continue reading

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5 reasons summer sucks as a grown up. 

I remember longing for summer as a kid. It was magical. You could feel summer coming as you sat in your classroom those final weeks of school….it was so close you could taste it. You could almost feel the sun … Continue reading

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The four gifts

Today is my wedding anniversary. We have been married for four years. That something close to 1,500 days. That’s alot of days. And as many of you know we haven’t spent more than two days apart in the stretch. Seeing … Continue reading

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The top 10 things that have changed since I quit drinking

Today is my 2 year Soberversary. Last year I wrote a fairly simply sappy post. I re-read it today and the last post I wrote before getting sober for good and my what a change. I decided to keep it … Continue reading

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8 reasons I want to smash it with a hammer

So I thought I would write today about the heart monitor that I am currently wishing I could rip off my body ūüôā As I told my husband the only good part of this was that it was blog fodder … Continue reading

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