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The time to pay it forward 

I usually write something on my blog for my soberversary. Yesterday was five years since I got sober and while it’s still one of the single best things I’ve ever done for myself it’s so much a part of my … Continue reading

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My sober-versary & learning to live again

Well today is my one year anniversary of getting sober ūüôā I have spent the last two weeks writing this entry in my head. I have tried to figure out what I would want to say, how I would feel … Continue reading

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What 60 days means to me

Monday was my 60 days so the title really should be…how 66 days feels but let’s not get mathematical or anything. I had been skipping going to AA cause with all my DR’s appointments, therapy and the new dude who’s … Continue reading

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No more Happy Hour

So I figured its time to make a post about this so I don’t have to tell everyone one by one. I no longer drink….we no longer drink. That does not mean we do not want to still come out … Continue reading

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